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National LGBTQ+ Voter Registration Day

National LGBTQ+ Voter Registration Day is a non partisan unoffical holiday that encourages all elligible LGBTQ+ individuals and our allies to participate in elections at all levels of government by registering to vote and casting their vote each election cycle.

Days Until The U.S. Midterm Elections


Upcoming Events

Make an impact in your community by orginizing a voter registration drive!  When you sign up to host an event, you will gain access to National LGBTQ+ Voter Registration Day's voter registration drive toolkit!

Our toolkit includes:

  • Our LGBTQ+ Voter Registration Event Guide with information and tips to help you host a virtual or socially distanced voter registration drive.
  • QR codes & Voter Resources to help voters safely register themselves
  • In-Person Event Guides: Everything you need to host a great in-person event
  • Graphic, Copy, and other assests for National LGBTQ+ Voter Registration Day

About Us

National LGBTQ+ Voter Registration Day is sponsored and supported by: The Equality Business Alliance of San Diego and Tijuana, and the International Imperial Court System.

National LGBTQ Voter Registration Day encourages organizations to help ensure individuals are prepared and ready to vote this coming November by creating their own voter registration drive or encouraging eligible voters to follow simple steps online to register to vote. Registering to vote takes just a few minutes and is free to register.

Founded by Eddie Reynoso and first observed in 2020, National LGBTQ Voter Registration Day was established as a response to a report by UCLA's Williams Institute, which found that nearly half (46.9%) of all registered LGBTQ voters did not cast a vote in the 2016 Presidential General Election.  Further the report found that 21% of all eligible LGBTQ adults is not registered to vote.

National LGBTQ Voter Registration Day is observed annually on the third Tuesday of September.

National & Local Partners

National LGBTQ+ Voter Registration Day is made possible by the continued support of our local and national partners. Whether they are organizing phone banks, sharing our materials across social media, or planning their own voter drives- their work supports our greater mutual goal to register underserved and under represented communities to vote.

The holiday is endorsed by the (list of elected officials and or organizations- example registrar of voters, secretary of states orgs etc.)

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