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📚 Class: Building a Basic Wix Website 101 & 102
📈 Skill Level: No Experience/ Beginner
🗂 Prerequisites: None
⏰ Time: 4 Hours Over Two Days (Thu & Fri: 10am-12pm)
⏳ Optional: Up to 1 Hour of One-on-One Time
👫 Class Size: 5
💵 Cost: FREE FOR MEMBERS (Memberships during COVID-19 Emergency are complimentary)

COVID-19 has closed several small businesses- including many of our members, many of whom have very little online presence. We recognize that for some- having a website for your businesses may seem expensive, time consuming and confusing. For those reasons we are offering a complimentary two part – two day (101 & 102) Business Institute Webinar to help walk you through all steps you need to build an inexpensive and easy website.

🖥 This workshop will run 10am-12pm and is limited to five guests. Additional webinars will be added as classes get filled.

🪑 Because of the limited capacity – we ask that you only RSVP if you can attend during the entire 4 hour session over two days.

👥 After each workshop we will be available for optional 1 on 1 virtual office hours- where you can ask questions, get additional help, or find solutions to add extra features.

🗝 In our 101 class we will help you:

1: Purchase a domain
2: Create a hosting site account
3: Select a template for your website
4: Use drag-n-drop to customize your website
5: Add photos, video, and social media

🗝 In our 102 class we will help you:

1: Add professional tools to manage your business
2: Publish your website & go live


✅ You’ll need a credit card to purchase a domain ($20) and set up a hosting account ($24-$33). We will walk you through the steps you need to buy domain and set up a hosting account through GoDaddy and Wix.

✅ You’ll need access to a computer or laptop which you’ll use to build your website.

✅ You’ll mobile device such as a tablet or phone, or second computer to watch our webinar.

✅ You’ll also need some wording you would like to include – such as your business description, a description of the services you provide, or a list of products and brands.

✅ You’ll need your logo, and any photos or videos you want to include. Photos should be high resolution jpg and mp4 files – take from your cell phone is fine, and don’t worry if you don’t have any of your own photos, we can help with stock images as well!

If you would like to secure a seat in our Business Institute Webinar- please email Eddie at: Eddie (remove space)

Attendance in our Business Institute Workshops is traditionally FREE or REDUCED cost to our membership. Complimentary memberships are available during the COVID-19 Emergency limited economic recovery period. Donations are accepted.

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